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Pet Shampoo Bar

Pet Shampoo Bar

Product Information


Specifically formulated for pets, our handcrafted Pet Shampoo Bar is a mild formula which cleans away dirt without aggravating delicate skin. This soap contains Neem Oil which is a natural insect repellent and added Shea Butter for a healthy, glossy coat. There are NO chemical additives, detergents, artificial colourants or preservatives used. 

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil,Ricebran oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Water, Tea Tree, Blue Gum Eucalyptus, Citronella and Peppermint Essential Oils.

Product Code: EO-PETSBAR

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Reviews / Comments

Great product
"I have struggled for years to find a shampoo or soap that would clean and help with the skin irritations that my Poodle / Lahsa Apso cross has experienced almost continuously during his life. I have tried many brands that were recommended by Vets and also medications prescribed by them - nothing really worked. Last year with my dog at the ripe age of 15 1/2 years I saw the Tangerine Bay product at the markets. I decided to try it and was reassured that it would have results - within a few weeks after a couple of washes my dog was virtually not scratching at all. Within a few more weeks the eczema that he had for so long began to disappear. I was amazed by the difference and the ease with which the soap has eradicated my dog's skin issues - I just couldn't believe that after all this time of trying so many shampoos, conditioners, medications and other recommended techniques the solution was as simple as the Tangerine Bay Doggy soap - thank you for such a great product."
Jan 22 2018, 00:39 AM
by pleased customer
Good for dogs with bad skin
"I bought a bar of this months ago just to see what it could do and it has changed dog washing at my house. We have two Kelpie-crosses, one that is Staffy cross with terrible itchy skin and grass allergies and one x Mastiff puppy who is rapidly growing and hates the water and baths. It's contained (in a bar, no bottles), I can reach all parts of the dogs with it without having to work the shampoo around (just put the bar where you need it), it lathers well, it smells good, but best of all it WORKS. The dogs are clean, they're not scratching and it rinses faster than normal dog shampoo which can be a pain to rinse let me tell you when the 18kg puppy doesn't want to play nice. Our itchy dog doesn't itch, and it's the only product that has managed that. Team it with a conditioner and it's the fastest easiest wash day you'll have. Best of all, they stay fresher for longer than when I use normal dog wash. I love this product; it's cheap, it's effective and it works. And I've already recommended to loads of people, including my veterinarian and veterinarian mother. Try it and be amazed."
May 16 2014, 21:38 PM
by Jane
pet soap
"Hi, I just want to thank the people at Tangerine Bay for their terrific pet soap. I purchased it, not really feeling confident that it would work on my Maltese, but I liked how it smelt, so gave it a go.It worked brilliantly. PJ, my boy, has very senstive skin, so I have tried a lot of products to help him get some peace. Usually after I wash him he doesn't settle for days afterwards. But he was a different and happy dog after this soap. The soap foams up beautifully, cleans very well and left PJ's coat really soft and very white. He still has some allergy problems but so much less than before. I hope that if you purchase it you will have the same success as I did. Thanks again to Tangerine Bay. Patsy Ryan, Brisbane."
May 17 2012, 02:39 AM
by Patsy
"Just had to tell you our cattle dog"Rowdy" that WAS full of fleas,burrs,mud and cowpaddies is now smelling pretty darn good, okay I was skeptical and I really gave you hell but the lather is lots the smell is clean and He looks better than ever and he doesnt scratch as much! the results well we've just put in another order so he's smelling and looking his best for the big musterOK you proved me wrong,I am sorry. in fact its bloody great,we even let him in the house now,love it!Nathan"
Mar 11 2012, 08:44 AM
by Nathan Elliott